Downtime equals prep time for Joe Pavelski

MADISON, WI — Jay Ogle, co-owner of LeanFeast, wasn't counting on Joe Pavelski being there for the opening of their restaurant.

"We had no intention of Joe being in the store".

Then the NHL season was put on hold, meaning Pavelski could not only come back for the opening but work in the shop.

"Seeing the opening of the store and being able to learn hands-on

, from dishes to cutting chicken to serving meals, it's been kind of fun."

Just like when he's on the ice, the former Badger has been doing a little bit of everything at LeanFeast.

Last year, our hometown hero and NHL star Joe Pavelski, signed on with the NHL Dallas Stars. To our excitement, Joe also signed as a franchisee for his very own LeanFeast location with co-owner Jay Ogle, a longtime family friend. Pavelski visited the LeanFeast flagship location for every pregame meal in our hometown of San Jose, California (Willow Glen). He became a regular when he was in town not just for pre-game meals, but he made it a staple for him and his family whenever they were home together.

Joe loved our concept, our mission, the food, and the convenience of Lean Feast. Talks of a franchise partnership began late last year which led to an agreement for his very own location in the beautiful city of Madison, Wisconsin, Joe’s hometown. After flying to Madison, the LeanFeast Executive Team along with “Pavelski's crew,” we were able to help them choose a location that fit the requirements of the store and the community alike. A few months after walking several promising locations, the LeanFeast team took a trip to Dallas, Texas to sign a franchise agreement that would bring Pavelski and his partner Jay onboard officially as franchisees.

Jay Ogle, co-owner and General Manager, is the day-to-day businessman with a drive and passion for his business like no other. Jay and his fiancé Morgan have embodied the LeanFeast culture and have since opened the Madison location with perfect execution and very promising initial results. Although a particularly challenging time to open a restaurant (during the Covid-19 pandemic), Joe & Jay realized that the LeanFeast concept works as an incredibly effective, 95% take-out and delivery concept as well.

The LeanFeast team is excited about what this store and its owners bring to the table and we anticipate more stores to come from Team Pavelski. As Lean Feast begins to broaden its reach, you can expect to see it become a household name in your hometown too.


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LeanFeast is proud to offer menu items whose ingredients are meatless and/or animal-byproduct-free.
However, our facilities are not equipped to support isolated or “Certified Vegan” storage, preparation or cooking methods.


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