Loyalty Program

Frequently asked questions

Do we need to sign up for it or are we automatically enrolled?

Visit your local LeanFeast location to enroll. It is free of charge.

How do we USE points?

Points are redeemable inside our locations upon purchase. They can also be used online during checkout, once points have been established.

Can points be used online or in store...or both?

Points can be redeemed in-store and online.

After I accumulate a certain amount of points, does some sort of voucher code get emailed directly to me or applied to my account...or both?

All points accumulated stay within your account. No vouchers will be emailed. Once a purchase has been made, points are added to your account automatically.

What can I use my points for?

Points can be used for anything within our store front locations and our online ordering system. Points are not redeemable on retail online purchases.

How do I generate points?

Points are generated through purchases made in-store and online.

If I have more questions who can I contact?

Please visit Store Locator to contact your nearest LeanFeast location.