Changing the Game of

Meal Preparation

LeanFeast is a convenience-based restaurant and online storefront. It provides healthy meals on-the-go for anyone who finds it challenging to maintain proper daily nutrition.

LeanFeast boasts high profile clientele within such professional organizations as the San Francisco 49ers, San Jose Sharks, Lockheed Martin, eBay, Google, NVidia, and Apple Computers. Plus, more than 40% of clientele consists of professionals within the police, fire, medical, military & service-based industries.

Clean and healthy is now easy too……so buckle up and enjoy the LeanFeast experience.

Learn About The Owner

LeanFeast, as it’s known today, was founded in 2015 by Owner, Operator, and Head Chef, Eric Larosa. The concept of LeanFeast was born out of necessity because Eric was overweight and tired of eating unhealthy processed fast food. After beginning to eat a bit healthier himself, he started seeing welcomed results in his appearance and overall health. After a few months, he started losing more weight and decided to conduct research on the fitness and meal prep industry. Striking at the right time, he decided to cook and prepare these same healthy meals for a few friends. Word of mouth started to spread like wildfire and seemingly overnight, Eric was cooking on the weekends for friends and family while still working 60 hours a week at his full-time job as a uniform delivery driver. After a few months of juggling both professions, he decided to quit his day job and take on the role of entrepreneur.

The timing was right and so was the feeling. Silicon Valley was exploding with fitness-minded people and it just seemed like the right thing to do for the health and betterment of his friends and others in his community. Eric had the work ethic to get it done and had proven this to himself many times over, but he just wasn’t sure how the grand ideas he had in his mind would play out in real life. He took the plunge and changed the game forever. Shortly realizing that shopping, cooking, and cleaning are some of the most difficult tasks for some people to accomplish, he knew his concept had legs. His goal…….build a platform that would eliminate all roadblocks to consistent, healthy, and clean eating……enter LeanFeast.

Coming to a Location Near You


LeanFeast is a convenience-based traditional restaurant and online storefront. It provides healthy meals for on-the-go or for whenever you find it challenging to get a meal in. Eric had the opportunity in 2015 to grow the brand and get the name out there while building a clientele list all at the same time. LeanFeast has used Facebook, Instagram, and grassroots, word-of-mouth campaigning to promote its name and its mission. Little to no investment has been made in the traditional advertisement as LeanFeast owes much of its success to modern-day social media.

LeanFeast watched its initial success explode and immediately took steps to open a brick and mortar storefront in June of 2017. As a six-day a week and 24-hour operation, the weary two-man crew turned into an eight-employee powerhouse and became a household name within the San Francisco Bay Area. With franchising in the process, LeanFeast has very promising ambitions of becoming a well-known nationwide brand. A description of LeanFeast might lend itself to a Chipotle/Subway hybrid with all the conveniences of a clean eatery. Within our store, you’ll find 23 flavors of protein (chicken, steak, fish, and ground turkey), 13 vegetable options, and six carbohydrates to choose from. Customers select their desired portion sizing of a protein, a carb & a veggie…’s as simple as that. Meals are prepared before the customer and they have the option of taking it to go or dining in to enjoy the experience that is LeanFeast.

We accommodate but are not limited to gluten-free diets, celiac restrictions, Whole 30, Keto, Weight Watchers, Paleo, low carb, professional show prep, families and even children. Our meals are so wholesome, clean and healthy, local physicians are even encouraging their patients to seek out our meal programs. There is no limit to what LeanFeast can provide and we welcome the opportunity to accommodate your most challenging diet restrictions.

Inside the storefront, you’ll find fresh ingredients and proprietary recipes that contribute to the “LeanFeast Experience.” You’ll also find non-alcoholic beverages such as clean energy drinks, protein shakes, refuel drinks and of course the always important……H20. Healthy-for-you snacks, apparel, lunch bags, and other “clean-minded” items will always be ready for purchase at Lean Feast. Our one of the kind protein shakes is perfect for post workouts, meal replacements, and overall taste experience.

Customers may either place an order online for pick up on their day of choice or may visit our store to build as many meals as they like. There is no subscription or monthly service fee and we plan to keep it that way. We like to call it AT-WILL-ORDERING. When you find yourself ready to eat a wholesome, clean and healthy meal, LeanFeast will always be ready to serve you. Clean and healthy is now easy too.

Works with Any Diet or Restriction